Roatan Info


Where is Roatan located?
Roatan is part the Bay Islands of Honduras. Honduras is located in Central America and has borders with Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. The Honduran North Coast borders the Caribbean Sea while a small section of the Southern Coast borders the Pacific Ocean.

The Bay Islands are located between 70 and 40 miles from the Honduran North Coast in the Caribbean Sea. The Bay Islands consist of over 70 islands and cays. The larger three islands are Roatan, Utila and Guanaja.

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands and is approx 30 miles long and from 1 to 4 miles wide. A mountain ridge runs along the spine of the island and reaches approx 800 feet above sea level at its highest point.

What is the weather like in Roatan?
The climate of Roatan is tropical, hot and humid, though constant sea breezes keep the islands average temperature between 70°F and 90°F. The yearly average temperature is 82°F. The rainiest months in Roatan are October through January and the average rain fall is 87 inches.

What languages are spoken in Roatan?
Spanish is the official language of Honduras and Roatan. English is spoken through out Roatan and the Bay Islands, and most local residents speak some English and Spanish.

Diving Info
Roatan is surrounded by top dive sites. Here you will find sublime underwater landscapes, an immense array of fishes, and dolphin you can dive with.

Honduras, on the isthmus of Central America has long been a draw for American divers and connoisseurs of the Caribbean, though islands like Guanaja, Barbareta, Utila, the Cayos Cochinos, or Roatan mean little to the majority of the international diving community. A trip here is worthwhile not only because of the impressive unspoiled natural environment and the Mayan Ruins of Copan on the mainland, but also because of the diving grounds around the offshore islands.

The Islas de la Bahia, also know as the Bay Islands, from part of the world’s second largest barrier reef, situated on an undersea mountain chain about 30 miles / 50 kms from the mainlandd.

Dive tourists are very well catered for with a whole series of resorts and dive shops. Diving is frequently organised along American lines and in fairly large groups and in a highly disciplined fashion.

Tourism is entered in the west of the island and things are quieter in the southeast. Dive cruises around Roatan and the beautiful neighbouring islands are also available.

Getting To Roatan

International Flights
- Miami to Roatan with American Airlines.
- Dallas to Roatan with American Airlines.
- Atlanta to Roatan with Delta Airlines.
- Houston to Roatan with United Airlines.
- Toronto and Montreal to Roatan with SunWing.
- Toronto and Montreal to Roatan with Transat.
- San Salvador to Roatan with Avianca (connecting to all international flights for USA, Central and South America arriving/departing with Avianca).
- Belize City to Roatan with Tropic Air (connecting to all international flights arriving/departing Belize).

Domestic Flights
Local Honduran Airlines, Islena, Sosa, Lanhsa & CM Airlines have numerous daily flights to/from Roatan from San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba, Utila and Guanaja.

By Land
La Ceiba is the access point by ferry to Roatan, bus connections are available through San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

The Galaxy Wave Ferry departs from the dock “Muelle de Cabotaje” in La Ceiba to Roatan twice daily (9:30 AM and 4:30PM) and from Roatan to La Ceiba twice daily (7.00 AM and 2.00 AM). The Galaxy Wave Ferry dock in Roatan is located at Dixon Cove half way between French Harbour and Coxen Hole.

Visas and Immigration

The passport expiration date should be checked before you purchase your tickets. If your passport expires in less than 3 months from the planned travel date, you may be denied entry into the country. Airlines may turn away passengers in their countries of origin, preventing them from departing for Honduras if the passports are too close to the expiration date.

Visas are automatically granted upon arrival to travelers that do not have legal residency in Honduras unless the travelers passport is from one of the countries listed. If your country does appear in the list, you should apply for a visa with your local Honduras consulate prior to traveling. Most travelers will enter under a tourist / business visa.

Length of Stay: You may stay in Honduras for up to three months with a tourist visa. A visa may not be extended beyond three months – you must leave Honduras for no less than three days. The immigration you complete for entry into the country asks if you have been away from the country for at least 3 days.